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Saving Your Dollars While
Getting Mortgage Loans -
Staying Aware of the Ways

Mortgage lending articles and tips


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Most people in the US are scared of buying a house in the present market conditions as they’re not sure about the mortgage loan amount that they can be approved. With the fluctuations in the US housing market, most people are trying their best to save money while getting mortgage loans so that they can use their money in repaying all their other obligations. Are you too interested in knowing the ways in which you can reduce the interest rates on your mortgage loans? If answered yes, read the concerns of this article and know how it can be possible to get a home loan at a reasonable rate.

1. Check your credit score: You must initially check your credit score as the lenders will first ask for this particular document. As your credit score implies your financial worthiness, they check whether or not you are financially able to tackle your mortgage payments along with all other debt obligations. Make sure your credit score is good enough for you to get a loan at an affordable interest rate. If you think that you don’t have a good credit score, you must first go for credit repair before applying for a mortgage loan.

2. Shop around: You must get multiple mortgage quotes from at least 5-6 companies so that you may get the best loan with the best interest rate. There are many mortgage companies in the market who are waiting to offer you their products as they need to stay afloat in this economy. You can take quotes from them but never commit the mistake of settling with the very first mortgage quote that you come across.

3. Save money for enough down payment: You must be aware of the fact that you have to pay a down payment that is usually 20% of the loan amount. You must save enough money to arrange the exact amount of down payment so that you need not qualify for paying PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance that unnecessarily increases your monthly payments.

4. Repay your high interest debt: Your DTI (Debt-to-Income) ratio is an important ratio that is also checked by the lenders before lending you a loan. With a high DTI ratio, it is most likely that you’ll get a loan with a high interest rate as the lender will think that you may default on your loans as you have to manage a lot of debt obligations. Try to repay your debts and lower your DTI ratio to get a cheaper rate.

Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above if you want to save your dollars while getting mortgage loans from your lenders. Manage your personal finances properly so that you can repay the home loan with ease.