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How to Qualify for a Mortgage

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Before you begin your search for a new home, you should get approved for a home loan.

Potential buyers that can prove that they are “mortgage ready” are in a better position to negotiate than those that are not.

Still, to qualify for a mortgage requires some work on your part and if you do not take this step ahead of time, you will endure a very time consuming and stressful process.


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Mortgage Lending Tip

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Product Review: less-than good credit loans

For applicants who don't have stellar credit, there are loan programs that help you get into your home.

With the current credit crunch, these programs are only available to certain applicants. Learn what you need to get yourself qualified.

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Customized Loan Terms for Your Mortgage

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home mortgage article

Some home loan shoppers are under the impression that they’ll be offered a 30-year mortgage or perhaps a 15-year mortgage if they are able to swing the larger monthly payments. While these two types of loan terms are the best known, they are by no means the only options for consumers.


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First Mortgage? Get Started Right With These Tips

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Purchasing a home is the biggest investment that most people will ever make. In order to buy a home, the vast majority of buyers will need to take out a mortgage. Since the mortgage application process can be grueling and challenging, there are several tips that should be followed to ensure that the process of getting your first mortgage goes as smoothly as possible.


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home affordability tips

Ideas on how can afford a home purchase

  • start saving money:
    view budgeting techniques and rebate cards

  • view first-time options:
    FHA programs and zero-down mortgages

  • watch the interest rates:
    when they hit low levels, be prepared to act

  • have good credit:
    good credit means lower monthly payments

  • maintain good debt ratios:
    lenders view this as low risk

read about these and other tips to help you afford a home purchase:
view home affordability tips

other tip:
research online accounting degrees to better your knowledge of mortgages.

get your home value

Check the market value of the home you are reviewing and neighborhood. It is a report you can use to structure your financing request.

Mortgage Tips

Sample LinkFollow these five tips to save money on any new home.

Quick Mortgage Aid Reference

FREE 1-page map to navigate through the mortgage aid process:

  1. understanding loan types
  2. reviewing the process
  3. using calculations
  4. getting qualified
  5. submitting the application
  6. managing your loan
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Become the expert by starting with our step-by-step home mortgage selection plan. This step plan includes understanding the mortgage payment escrow, getting qualified for a mortgage loan, affording your first home, selecting the right mortgage product, managing your mortgage loan, and reviewing the various types of mortgage loan products that include:

Use our tool set to get your credit report information, market values, glossary of terms, items needed for the application, and a mortgage comparison sheet to negotiate the best rate and term. You can submit your mortgage loan application through our network of top mortgage lenders...