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----- quick qualification summary -----

understand rates and cost

let's begin with rates

Watch your mortgage rates. Rates fluctuate daily depending on the movement of the markets and lending demand. So as rates lower, the lesser the cost of your mortgage loan.

More Rate Information


Estimate Total Costs

Lenders will require that you have enough savings or cash on-hand to cover your down payment and closing costs. If you don't have enough funds to cover these costs, you may be disqualified from a mortgage or invited to apply for a different loan product that may be more expensive.


Let's Add Up the Numbers

This will help figure out what parameters you need to change to fit within your budget and income ratios.

Calculation Notes:

the amount of available cash / equity is the cash you have on hand for your down payment and closing costs. Equity refers to the resale equity value of your existing home if any, that will be available to you once you sell your home.

  • Closing costs is calculated as percentage of the estimated purchase price of the home — this percentage can range between 3-7% depending on your location and number of points.

  • The American Housing Survey shows that the median taxes paid averaged $10 per $1,000 in home value. The property insurance paid averaged $30 per month.

  • You can lookup your property tax assessments by community:

Any percentage LTV that is greater than 80% may require private mortgage insurance, which can add to the total cost of your loan — if your LTV% (calculated below) is greater than 80%, enter 0.005 in the PMI field and recalculate.

Estimated Purchase Price of the Home:
Amount of Available Cash / Equity:
Allocated Percentage for Closing Costs:
Enter your home mortgage loan rate (APR): %
Enter the number of months to repay:
Enter the Cost per $1000 for Property Tax:
Enter the Monthly Cost for Insurance:
Enter 0.005 for PMI if LTV% is 81% or more:
Amount Allocated for Closing Costs: $
Amount Available for the Down Payment: $
Mortgage Loan Amount to Borrow: $
Borrowing Percent of LTV%: %
Monthly Mortgage Payment: $
Monthly Taxes:
Monthly Homeowners Insurance:
Monthly PMI:
Total Estimated Monthly Payment: $


----- end of qualification summary -----