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Quick Reviews

12-step mortgage lending guide Mortgage 101
a review of the mortgage industry and how the process works. Understand who are the players.
mortgage calculators Mortgage Calculators
monthly payment - payment comparisons - affordability - ratio calculation - LTV
12-step mortgage lending guide Mortgage Step-by-Step Guide
acts as a virtual advisor on what you need to do in order to qualify and close on your mortgage or refi loan.
mortgage tools Mortgage Tools
free forms and worksheets - mortgage tid-bits - credit management - budget management - expense reduction
12-step mortgage lending guide Understanding the True Costs
your monthly mortgage payment will include principal repayment, interest charges, taxes and interest.
mortgage rates Negotiating Interest Rates
understanding rates - points - lender negotiation tactics
12-step mortgage lending guide Getting Qualified for a Mortgage
reviews the qualifications criteria that lenders use when reviewing your mortgage loan application.
mortgage shopping sheet Shop Lenders Sheet
Use this sheet to shop lenders and keep track of quoted mortgage rates and terms
12-step mortgage lending guide Home Affordability Tips
for first-time home buyers - review these tips on how best to afford your first home purchase.
market valuation reports Home Market Valuation Reports
run your personal home and neighborhood valuation report to estimate your borrowing position
12-step mortgage lending guide Home Refinancing Guide
looking to refinance your home? View reasons why refinance and whether refinancing makes sense.
paying off your mortgage Credit Check
understand how lenders view your credit report and score - view your own report to fix errors
what's new in mortgages Managing Your Mortgage
understand how to best manage your mortgage to preserve your home and credit standing
revisible mortgages Paying Off Your Mortgage FAST
quick guide using a money management process to payoff your mortgage in about 1/3rd of the time
View Mortage Loan Products
quick review of mortgage products that
can help you finance your home puchase or refi