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Mortage Loan Options

mortgage loan type Fixed Rate Mortgages
commonly referred as the 30-Yr and 15-Yr mortgage loan. The monthly mortgage payment and interest rate are fixed — these amounts will never change
mortgage loan type Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
ARM's adjust their rates up or down during a given period. This means that your monthly payment may go up or down during your repayment period.
mortgage loan type Interest-Only Mortgages
interest-only payments on your mortgage loan for the first 5-7 years. You can then either refinance or begin amortized repayments for the remaining term.
mortgage loan type Adjustable - Fixed Hybrids
hybrid loans are a combination of fixed rate and ARM loans. These loans attach a delayed adjustment period during which the initial period is fixed.
mortgage loan type Mortgages with Little or Zero Down
for home buyers who have little or no down payment. These loans can be provided along with Private Mortgage Insurance
mortgage loan type Minimum Monthly Payment Plans
Designed for homeowners who are looking at lower initial payments to start with the expectation to refinance their mortgage later on. Negative amortization possible.
what's new in mortgages What's New in Mortgage Loans
interest only loans, 40-year mortgages, 100+ home buyer loans and more. These are loan variations that have become popular in high-priced real estate markets.
revisible mortgages Revisible Mortgages
designed for homeowners who take an annuity in their home value to supplement living expenses. Must be at least 62 years of age to qualify
mortgage loan type Jumbo Mortgages
jumbo loans are above the maximum loan amounts established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — Jumbo loans are used to buy large, expensive homes
mortgage loan type Home Construction Loans
starts with a construction line to pay subcontractors and suppliers; at the end of the construction project, you will use a residential mortgage to pay off the construction line
mortgage loan type Sub-Prime Loans
mortgage loans for applicants whose credit may be below standard conforming loans. These are referred as B, C and D Loans. Interest costs for these loans may be higher.
mortgage loan type Other Type Mortgages
other type mortgages include pledge-assets, buy-downs, and graduated loans. You need to ask about these loans since some lenders don't service them.
How to Manage Your Mortage
tips on how to manage your mortgage so that
payments are made on-time and payoff plans are in place